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While the concept of public relations hasn’t changed all that much in the past 20 years, the channels and methods by which public relations are managed have. What do we mean by that? Well, as you can probably guess, everything has gone online. 

And to continue growing your brand, you need to partner with a company that understands how PR on the internet works, from promoting new products to boosting referral traffic.

As seasoned, growth-driven SEO experts, we understand a solid digital PR strategy is essential to generating sales and revenue. But as you grow, it will become more challenging to protect your brand. And as accessible as information is online, you have to protect your image if you want to continue growing.

Discover how digital PR and online reputation management from Sure Oak can help you grow your business by:

Promoting your products and services
Increasing visibility in search engines
Leveraging targeted content to increase engagement
Protecting your online image
Boosting your brand’s credibility

Digital Public Relations Services

Digital PR is an online marketing strategy used by businesses to increase their visibility online. Digital PR agencies network with journalists, bloggers, and influencers and send online press releases to gain high-quality backlinks, mentions on social media channels, and — in general — SEO wins.

Traditionally, PR professionals focused on positioning and managing a brand’s image through press releases and media interviews. Today, digital PR marries the qualitative aspect of building and promoting a brand with the more quantitative elements of digital marketing and SEO to inform the PR strategies and tactics.

At Sure Oak, our goal is always to help you grow your business. As an established SEO company, we leverage our expertise in outreach and content optimization to deliver results. We can help you promote your brand and protect your online reputation, all while driving new visitors to your website and social media channels.

Why Digital Public Relations?

Public relations, content marketing, social media, and SEO are more intertwined than ever before. The more harmony you create across these areas, the better.

First and perhaps foremost, digital PR is an essential component of an effective SEO strategy. While SEO is an effective way to increase traffic over time, a lot of the work is centered around service pages and product pages. Digital PR is about generating buzz — getting users to talk about your brand online. But the Internet moves at light speed, and to get users excited enough to engage with your content, you have to deliver something fresh.

That’s where digital PR comes in. Game-changing product releases, innovative service offerings, and company events that highlight why your team is awesome are all timely pieces of content.

And when content is engaging, it creates a trickle down effect: mores clicks turns into more likes and more likes turns into more shares. And that’s why it’s so important to consider digital PR as a part of your overall digital marketing strategy. It serves a purpose other initiatives simply don’t.

Our Digital PR Process

At Sure Oak, we leverage our relationships with online media outlets, high-traffic sites, and webmasters to position your brand in the right light. And, most importantly, we make sure there’s a digital trail that leads users straight into one of your sales funnels.

Here’s what you can expect with our Digital PR Services:

  • Strategic communications: Leveraging all digital assets to tell impactful stories about your brand.

  • Branded content: Planning, producing and promoting branded content that drives awareness, engagement, and conversions.

  • Media relations: Developing the most effective ways to find and work with journalists and other media professionals.

  • Data research and analysis: Implementing a data-led approach to targeting the right audiences, and identifying topics that users will engage with.

  • Training: Helping you take digital PR in-house

Digital PR FAQs

How does digital PR work?

Digital PR is similar to traditional PR in the sense that it aims to drive brand awareness. The need for digital PR has emerged as businesses started generating  revenue and growing their name recognition online. At Sure Oak, we build relationships with editors, journalists and webmasters to get the word out about your business. This, in turn, drives referral traffic and increases brand awareness. 

How do we measure the success of Digital PR?

We actively monitor your Google Analytics for referral traffic generated by our digital PR strategy. In addition, we monitor changes in SERPs to measure how digital PR has affected search rankings.Social listening tools help us see how many brand mentions, link shares and likes our strategy has generated as well. 

What is the difference between Digital PR and Link Building?

Digital PR focuses on brand awareness, media hits and referral traffic with SEO benefits being a bonus, not the end goal. A lot of the backlinks resulting from a digital PR campaign would be “nofollow” links, meaning they would not impact search rankings.

With a link building campaign, we’re aiming to generate as many high-quality dofollow backlinks, which do affect search rankings, to strategically chosen pages in order to the positions of those pages in SERPs and improve the overall authority of the website. 

Digital PR or Link Building?

A Digital PR campaign cannot go on forever, but in order to remain competitive, you will need to consistently generate as many backlinks as possible. A link building campaign can start after or at the same time as a digital PR campaign to give you a boost in rankings. Deciding between the two will also depend on your immediate goals. Are you after brand awareness and referral traffic or increased authority and rankings? 

Online Reputation Management Services

Online reputation management (ORM) involves a combination of digital marketing, public relations and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to promote and protect your business’s online image and reputation.


The goal of SEO is to get a website to rank number one for as many relevant keywords as possible. The goal of ORM is to fill the first page of Google with content that’s targeting brand-focused keywords. Ultimately, ORM uses SEO principles and best practices to build an accurate portrayal of a company online and in SERPs.


On the surface, it may seem like ORM is just public relations for a business’s online presence because they have similar goals, namely brand management. However, ORM and digital PR  require the use of unique tactics to achieve different results.

Public relations companies generally create trendy, buzzworthy content to redirect users’ attention away from information that negatively affects a company’s image. The goal is to shift the public’s perception by flooding social media and news outlets with a new narrative. 

On the other hand, online reputation management aims to tell a more accurate and holistic story about a brand or individual by positioning specific stories and assets on the first page of Google.

Our ORM Process

  1. Research, research and more research. Initially, we bury ourselves in information about you online. 
  2. Finding and assessing vulnerabilities.
  3. Building a fortress of controllable assets.
  4. Expanding your online presence.
  5. Keeping our ear to the ground for any new brand mentions.
  6. Tweaking brand messaging and damage control, where needed.


What is and isn’t Online Reputation Management?

It is: a great way to control the narrative for your brand online.
It isn’t: A magic wand to make all unwanted search results disappear forever.

It is: A method to push new content to the first pages of SERPs. 
It isn’t: A way to get rid of all legitimate bad reviews.

With ORM, you control the narrative being told about your brand. From reviews management, to content promotion or legal initiatives, ORM gives you the tools to get the best image front and center.

That said, ORM doesn’t prevent negative stories from coming out. Instead, ORM is how you control what information users see first, and it’s accomplished by dominating search results with information you want them to see.

Who needs ORM?

Online reputation management is for brands as well as individuals. You need ORM when:

  • There are a large number of bad reviews dominating your social media, Google My Business or other accounts online.
  • The top results in SERPs hurt your brand and paint you in a bad light with little basis in reality.
  • Somebody has leaked information that’s damaging to your brand online.
  • Non-flattering or damaging content (videos, images, etc.) gets displayed first in SERPs.

  • You have outdated information dominating the search results for your brand.

Does Sure Oak cover all ORM aspects?

There are certain facets of ORM where we can only provide guidance and others where you will have to address the issue with legal.

Sure Oak is here to help you with:

  • Audits, analysis, and monitoring
  • Creating and optimizing new content
  • Pushing new content up to the first page in search results
  • Consultations for dealing with bad reviews
  • Digital PR services to support ORM and improve your brand’s image

Promote your brand online with Digital PR.

At the end of the day, you need to promote and protect your brand online. That means digital PR and Online Reputation Management. Whether you’re suffering from bad reviews, a compromised company image or you need to get your awesome brand out there, we can help.

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